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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Place Holder

Place holder for furture tutorial on doing eyechips. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Blythe Review: Customizer

Happy day!
Originally uploaded by ~aprilxoxo
I recently adopted my Rainy Day Parade girl (now known as "Chevelle") from Sugaroni. After having her for a few weeks, I decided I wanted to give her a few customizations. I've seen Ana aka Sugaroni do some work on her own girls and I figured who better to customize her than her previous owner? So, we sealed the deal and Chevy was sent off to the Sugaroni Spa.

I know Ana didn't intend to customize girls to start with. But I seriously hope it's something she'll continue to do along with her beautifully knitted sweaters and hats and her quality letter pressed Blythe related adoption papers because she is amazing at it.

She kept me up to date during Chevy's entire stay. Letting me know what part of the process she was working on, supplying pictures and getting my input.

I also had her spray matted, which I have never seen in person before and I was nervous. To my delight, it looks very nice in person and photographs wonderfully.

Along with the spray matte, she also changed out her eyechips, painted her eyelids, new eyelashes and new custom pull rings.

I very much recommend the Sugaroni Spa if you are wanting one of your girls customized. She's reasonable and has an eye for keeping the dolls original integrity while giving her personality. So shoot her a message on Flickr and see if she's available for your girl. You won't regret making your girl your own.

The proof is in the pudding! She looks amazing and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Skull Pullcharm by: Embellish Yourself

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

She really IS friendly!

She is so friendly!
Originally uploaded by ~aprilxoxo
I have been on an adoption spree lately with Blythe girls. I am now up to 6! O.O Which has me very surprised! I went from not having any attachment to them to now having trouble thinking about getting rid of any.

Anyhow, this is my latest adopted girl; Abigail Dawn. Takara hit the nail on the head when they named her "Friendly Freckles" ~ It really suits her. I even said out loud that she looks "friendly" when I was opening her.

This doll was the perfect remedy for my redheaded obsession lately. I wanted a redheaded girl so bad. I was seriously considering a V-Smash or Cloud Bowl Nine. I had no thoughts of even getting a Friendly Freckles, but one came up for adoption with an MSR and who could pass them up as a duo?

I'll be adding some pics of my other girls as soon as I find the time.

Speaking of time... I've decided to start trying and making my life more simple to make time for the things I truly enjoy. I'll be clearing out a lot of the non-blythe related stock and liquidating it to focus solely on having a blythe/doll related shop. And one that I don't let run my life. Don't get me wrong, I plan to keep my customer service #1. But I also have to live my life.

With that being said, I am thinking of overhauling this blog when I get more time to be a total Blythe friendly blog.

I was even thinking of adding "Ask a Blythe" where you guys can submit questions and concerns and one of my Blythe girls will answer you. Cute, eh? :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Blythe June 2009 Release - Casual Affair

Been hearing the buzz about the new June 2009 release for Blythe dolls named "Casual Affair" (my husband hates the name lol) - The promo pics are adorable.

After seeing her, I think most were hoping for a Blythe closely resembling "Rainy Day Parade" but without the price tag.

My personal wish on the promo picture was the feeling of her looking a little more 70's vintage. But I never try to set my expectations one way too far or I'll usually be disappointed by the release photo.

After a few weeks of checking everywhere hoping to see a picture, I had given up on seeing her this weekend but was pleasantly surprised today when I looked into Flickr and started seeing the release photos of her.

Hearing the usual "yes" and "no" opinions across the Blythe community, I am probably 50/50 about this one. Some are disappointed who were wishing for a "Rainy Day Parade" look alike, some who think her eyeshadow is the wrong color and not to mention in the release pictures, it looks like they've put a wig on her by pulling most of her bangs forward towards the center. It just doesn't look right.

For me, it's hard to judge how I'll truly feel about a girl until I've seen her in person. Which is why I say she's got a 50/50 shot at becoming a permanent fixture in my office.

But I am quite smitten by her. I think a little standard sanding to take off that eyeshadow and a little push of the bangs will make her a keeper.

Not to mention, I do love her stock. It looks like something you can mix and match and the colors are great. And who can resist a pair of heart-shaped eyeglasses?

This is the first time that I will be keeping my pre-order so, that's something to me. Love her or hate her, she's the new release for June 2009.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Winners!

Our 1st year anniversary raffle was done by's 3rd party draw service. I was SO nervous as I got it all set up and clicked the button!

The results are:
GRAND PRIZE: Polly E. (Flickr: PeelingAlice)
2nd PLACE: Willow R. (Flickr: WillowRowan)
3rd PLACE: Maribel D. (VoodooLady~)

And here is the public record of the drawing:

Don't forget! I've still got 5 (and hey, maybe I'll send more!) little door prizes to pass out. You won't know until they arrive at your door! Hopefully as a little rainy day surprise.

Thank you everyone for your participation in this raffle. Maybe next year I'll be successful enough that I can offer a small prize for every entry. :)

All my best!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Raffle Rules & Fine Print!

Okay! Are you ready for a Raffle? I know I am! I am so excited to be doing this. I really wanted to offer a bunch of prizes so that everyones chances are high to win!

How to purchase tickets:

email or Flickr mail me with the following information:

Your Name & Flickr UserID:
How many Tickets (10 max)
Your email for payment
Google Checkout or Paypal payment - I will invoice you directly.
Your chosen numbers (If nothing specified, I will choose for you)

Payment by Paypal or Google Checkout only for the raffle. No money orders or personal checks will be accepted.

Please read this in it's entirety for full understanding of the raffle and the process.

Contest is open Worldwide - Winners will not have to pay shipping for their prize. Commonly Cute will ship all prizes direct to winners. And we will ship with delivery confirmation.

Tickets are being sold @ $6/ea and a maximum of 10 tickers per customer is allowed.

Only 100 tickets will be sold.

Names of participants will be listed as their first name and last name initial or their "nickname/userID"

Participants may choose their numbers (provided they aren't spoken for) otherwise I will randomly choose your numbers for you.

*Should you email me your request for numbers and some are already chosen, I will complete your list with numbers of my choosing.

Raffle is set to happen on Friday, May 15th @ 6PM (central) provided all 100 tickets are purchased. If any tickets are remaining, contest will be postponed a day or 2 to sell remaining tickets.

Numbers will be chosen by - The first 3 numbers chosen are the winners in order. Grand Prize, Runner Up, 2nd Place.

*If a participant has more than 1 ticket number and their numbers are chosen more than once, they can choose their prize. But only ONE prize may be received per person.

Example: Dolly buys 5 tickets numbered 1-5. chooses: 1, 65, 69, 3 and 43 as the winning numbers.

As first in line, Dolly may choose her ONE prize. And we will go further down the line to ensure more participants receive prizes. Let's assume Dolly chooses the Grand Prize. That would mean we would go further down to choose the winners.

We will post screenshots of the screen and video tape it. The screenshots will be posted on Flickr. The video probably too (but I need to figure that out first!)


GRAND PRIZE - NRFB Sunshine Holiday Blythe Doll
Runner Up - Full Box of Re-Ment Fairytale Tableware
3rd Place - Grab bag consisting of 1 tee from our shop, 1 pair of sweater boots & a box of Re-Ment! These will be all random and a surprise to the winner.

5 other entries who will receive a random prize ranging from Brainworm Eyechips to Twiggy Twiggy Pull Rings! It'll be a complete surprise until it arrives to your home!

After the 3 main prizes are drawn, the remaining names of participants who did not win will be entered into this raffle system and 5 will be chosen for the random prizes! (I would use this system for the entire raffle, but it doesn't give better odds for those who purchased more than 1 ticket)

If you have any questions or I've missed anything, please let me know!

Thank you everyone for your participation! I'm very excited about this!

This list will be updated as entries are received.

Entries: (Updated 5/15)

1. Ana R. (SR)
2. Christy (JB)
3. Angela A. (MM)
4. Morgan O. (MO)
5. Kristin G.
6. Maribel D. (VDL)
7. Amanda (AR)
8. Kristin G.
9. Polly E. (PA)
10. Maribel D. (VDL)
11. Willow R. (WR)
12. Catie R. (CR)
13. Willow R. (WR)
14. Amanda (AR)
15. Kristin G.
16. Kim (CCS)
17. Kate H. (M1908)
18. Sara V. (SEY)
19. Ana R. (SR)
20. Amanda (AR)
21. Melissa L. (OhM)
22. Idamis C. (A78)
23. Lauren C. (CWQ)
24. Erica M. (ED)
25. Willow R. (WR)
26. Annette D. (FDV)
27. Polly E. (PA)
28. Elin (R28)
29. Willow R. (WR)
30. Samara K. (SFK)
31. Morgan D. (MA)
32. Morgan O. (MO)
33. Melissa L. (OhM)
34. VOID (payment never received)
35. Catie R. (CR)
36. Melissa (HT)
37. Ana R. (SR)
38. Melissa L. (OhM)
39. Morgan O. (MO)
40. VOID (payment never received)
41. Jennifer (SLG)
42. VOID (no entry)
43. Catie R. (CR)
44. Beth (B4B)
45. VOID (no entry)
46. Lauren C. (CWQ)
47. Ana R. (SR)
48. Christine S. (SX)
49. Amanda (AR
50. VOID (no entry)
51. Sara V. (SEY)
52. Amanda (AR)
53. Nancy D. (DPC)
54. Catie R. (CR)
55. Christine (HS)
56. Angela A. (MM)
57. Morgan O. (MO)
58. VOID (no entry)
59. Lisa
60. Ana R. (SR)
61. Morgan O. (MO)
62. VOID (no entry)
63. Kristin G.
64. Amanda (AR)
65. Beth (B4B)
66. Kim F. (BT)
67. Willow R. (WR)
68. Catie R. (CR)
69. VOID (no entry)
70. Lisa
71. Christine S. (SX)
72. Melissa L. (OhM)
73. Ana R. (SR)
74. Annette D. (FDV)
75. Willow R. (WR)
76. Kristin G.
77. Catie R. (CR)
78. VOID (no entry)
79. Melissa L. (OhM)
80. VOID (no entry)
81. Kristin G.
82. Fae F. (JF)
83. Melissa L. (OhM)
84. Morgan O. (MO)
85. Melissa (HT)
86. Kate H. (M1908)
87. Sara V. (SEY)
88. VOID (no entry)
89. Ana R. (SR)
90. VOID (no entry)
91. Morgan O. (MO)
92. Samara K. (SFK)
93. VOID (no entry)
94. Catie R. (CR)
95. Melissa L. (OhM)
96. VOID (no entry)
97. Polly E. (PA)
98. Kristin G.
99. Willow R. (WR)
100. Amanda (AR)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Upcoming Raffle!

Hey everyone!! My 1 year store anniversary is coming up on May 15th, 2009. In order to celebrate, I'm holding a store raffle! I will be selling only 100 tickets and I'll have 3 great prizes to give away!

GRAND PRIZE will receive a brand new NRFB Sunshine Holiday!

Runner up will receive a full set of Re-Ment Fairytale Tableware!

2nd Place will receive a grab bag consisting of 1 tee from our shop, 1 pair of sweater boots & a random box of Re-Ment!

But it won't be over there! I will then randomly generate 5 other entries who will receive a random prize ranging from Brainworm Eyechips to Twiggy Twiggy Pull Rings! It'll be a complete surprise!

How awesome is that? :)

To be fair and show complete legitimacy. I will post the numbers 1-100 on a post on the blog here and put the persons first name and last initial or their username (whichever they prefer) next to their number in line. (max of 10 tickets per person).

Once the 100 tickets are sold out, the raffle will be held and I will use to generate the list. I will screenshot and video tape it (uploaded to Flickr) to announce the winner.

Full details and purchase information will be posted here on the 15th.
If you have any questions or you'd like to be notified when the raffle goes live, feel free to email or FlickrMail me.
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